Apr 2, 2015


Hey there!

I'm pulling out the new green empties tub to show you my trash! It's not super full but it so bubble bathy. I guess that means March was a very clean month for me.

I finished quite a few bubble baths this month. I finished up two Avon Bubble Baths. I used up a Vanilla Cream and a Peppermint Vanilla Bubble Bath. I loved the Peppermint Vanilla but I think it's seasonal. I'm going to check the Avon outlet book for it and if I see it, I'm grabbing 6!! I used a Sonoma Spa Bubble Bath in Japanese Cherry Blossom. It smelled very nice -- not a heavy cherry blossom scent as some of them tend to be.

I only used up 1 body wash and that was the Vitabath in Wild Red Cherry. Oh. My. Gosh. It smelled so darned good! It smells like a cherry lifesaver. You just want to bathe in it over and over again. I said that I wouldn't purchase anymore body washes because I have a ton, but I'd get this one. Let it be known!!

That yukky plastic bag contained a Lush Fizzy Bath Bomb in The Enchanter. Now, when I looked online to do research, it appeared that this was a limited edition bath bomb. I do know that it was at least a year old (don't judge me!) but I forgot about it until recently. I got about 3 baths out of it (cause $6.95 cannot go for one bath!) and it was delightful. If you've never had a Lush Bath Bomb, you need to treat yourself. Do like I do and break it and use it 3 or 4 times. You'll be glad that you did.

Yep! That's a Secret Deodorant. I can't fool you smart people. There's also a Mizani Spradiance High Gloss Serum. The kiddo and I LOVE this. We go through a bottle every 2 months are so. I also have 2 "not empty but so done" items. My small container of Make Up For Ever HD Primer is going bye bye. It's over a year old and it was a bit more liquidy than I think it should be. It was good but doesn't come close to the Hourglass one that I love. And, my Kiehls Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter is in the trash because it went rancid quickly. I think it was bad when they sent it to me as a sample. No worries though. It was a good product but I wouldn't pay for the full size.

I finished 2 face wipes. The Wet n Wild Under The Sheets makeup remover is my jam! It's wet enough and removes makeup like a champ BUT I have a hard time finding it. It's only at random Walgreens. So, next time I see it, I'm getting 2. The other face wipe pack probably still has about 2 left in it. I couldn't do it anymore. It's the Global Beauty Care Retinol Cleansing Cloths from the Dollar Tree. They are horrible. It's like wiping water on your face with a facial tissue. They are thin and very delicate. The makeup on my face isn't delicate and I need something strong to take it off. I will not repurchase these.

And last but not least, I finished 2 L'Oreal Age Perfect trial sized products. I finished a Cell Renewal Serum and a Day Cream. I mentioned before that the cell renewal serum smells great, goes into my skin perfectly but I don't see the benefits. I don't feel like my cells have renewed but you know what? If I like what it's doing, maybe that's reason enough to keep buying it. I dunno. I have repurchased another sample size of the day cream. Even so, I'm not sure that I'm 100% on board with it. I might get another cell renewal serum and then go back to my summer face moisturizer and see if that works.

Now we get to toss the stuff from the green basket, into the big trash basket. Like I said, it didn't seem like a lot but I say that every month. I guess when you see other people's empties, you feel like you should have more. Well, I don't and I guess that's ok.

What in your trash this month? Same ole, same ole from last month or something exciting and new? If I try to have something great in mine next month, you should try to as well!

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