Apr 5, 2015

Review - Gerard Cosmetics - Lip Gloss & Lipstick

Hey there!

I mentioned that when Gerard Cosmetics had their $39 special for 4 lippies plus free shipping, I jumped on it. You can't get a better deal than that! For lip glosses I got Cocoa Bean and Plum Crazy. For lipsticks I bought Nude and 1995. I thought that these colors would be pretty basic and work out well for me.

I am in the process of returning them. Yes. I said it. I hated them.

Well, not hated. 1995 was a decent lipstick. It was ok. The color was fine once you put a balm on (preferably before). I could have worked with that lipstick and not thought too much about it. But, the other lipstick, Nude, well, that was a chalk color. I mean, it was a pink chalk color but still a chalk color. It was void of anything that would make it nice on my lips. I knew after one application that it was going to a friend -- a very PALE friend. Still, that would have been ok.

I know Plum Crazy looks plum here but trust,
it does not come off plum on the lips.

The lip glosses were not my friends. They are thick and not hydrating at all. They are long wearing for a lip gloss but I couldn't stand them. They weren't comfortable on my lips.

And the colors... Cocoa Bean was a blah brown color. I expected that. I used a red lip liner under it to bring out some color (it didn't work). It was ok. But, Gerard Cosmetics is plum crazy if they think Plum Crazy is a plum color. Mine was slightly lighter than the Cocoa Bean. I mean there was NOTHING plum about it. That was not ok.

After trying on the Plum Crazy lip gloss, I instantly took it off and began the return process. 3 just okay's and 1 hell naw means I need a refund of some kind. I was just not a fan.

Have any of you tried Gerard Cosmetics? Where you a fan? Honestly, I've only seen YouTubers that liked it. Are there any non YouTubers out there that like it? What colors did you pick?

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  1. Thanks for your honest opinion. I recently ordered Rodeo Drive Lipstick along with Rose Hill lipgloss and disliked both but did not return them. I figured I can make them work.. I deciced to give GC another chance since I chose colors that didn't complement my darker skintone. They weren't completely bad, just not what I expected and not my preference. I went and ordered two more, 1995 lipstick and Cocoa Bean lipgloss. I like the lipstick but like you said Cocoa Bean is a "blah brown" color. Nothing at all the pinky-brown mlbb shade I thought it would be. It looks horrible. I'm hoping they'll let me return just the lipgloss since it came as part of a combo (2 for $20).