Apr 1, 2015

"Your Door Is A Jar"

Hey there!

Funny story (to me). I use to date a guy that had a 1988 something or other and when you left the car door open too long a lady would politely tell you that "your door is ajar". To which my smart ass would say, "no, it's a door".

I said that it was funny to me.

Anyway, I present to you, a jar. I bought it from the Container Store. I like the container store. No matter what kind of jar, box, holder or container you need, they have it. Hence, their name.

I walked in and spoke to a nice lady in the Container Store. She asked me what I needed today. So I told her.

"I need a long, clear, container to store my makeup brushes upright in."

She said, "Right this way."

I've seen/heard other beauty folks (I'd NEVA call myself a guru so folks works) talk about covering their makeup brushes. I've thought about it but it didn't become a concern until I realized that some of my brushes that get moderate uses, were super dusty and had hair on them (I do my hair right near my brushes every morning and brush/comb it out every night). I decided I really needed to cover the brushes.

I knew that I could lay out the brushes that I haven't used yet but I didn't want to lay out the brushes that had product on them already. That's when I decided that I needed a container. I needed something deep enough for my brush height and wide enough to reach in and grab what I need. Enter my girl at the Container Store.

We found this lovely container in the kitchen section. It was $11.99 and I'm sure it's main purpose is to store flour or sugar in an airtight capacity. My brushes don't need airtight so I took the seal off of the container. Now, there was a similar product in the beauty aisle. But, it was $16.99 and about half of an inch shorter. Size matters so I got the kitchen container.

I took the pebbles that I had been using in my 3 different glass jars and layered them in my new container. Then I plopped all of my "I'm using these right now" brushes. The rest of them (that aren't in the "to be washed" pile) are nicely laid in my drawer waiting to be put into play.

So now, I have a nice container to keep my makeup brushes from getting hair and dust on them. It also means my bathroom counter
top is a lot cleaner than it was. I actually have fewer daily brushes than I thought.

Have you thought about doing this? Or, Am I the only crazy person here?

Yeah. That's what I thought.

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