Mar 23, 2015

Toss It Out!

Hey There!

I think I briefly glossed over the fact that in 2 months I'm moving. It's not simply moving from one place to another, I'm moving from one facet of my life to another. The kiddo is graduating from high school. She is running away from home to go to college (well, that's kinda what's happening!). And, when she leaves for college (before she comes back home for winter break) I'll be in a new place.

And what happens before you move to a new place (besides you visit it every chance you get like a crazed stalker woman)? You purge.

Folks I'm purging hard. I've been in my current place for 4 and a half years and I am NOT moving everything with me. Some of this stuff needs to be tossed out. Some of this stuff will get tears as it goes. But, it will GO! So that means you get to watch the purge process and wonder, "Is she like one of those hoarder people, like on TV?" and I will answer, "No. I've never been on TV." So over the next few weeks be prepared to not only see empties posts but purge posts as well.

And, the first purge is from my lip gloss area. I mentioned that I was going to wear one brand of lip glosses for a few weeks, just to see what I use, what I like and what is simply unremarkable. Well, for the last 3 weeks I've rotated my 6 Milani Brilliant Shine Lip glosses and whittled them down to...

2! Yes, you heard me correctly, 2. I wore them all at least twice and then did a one day mega test and decided that 4 of these bad boys can go to new homes. What am I keeping? Luminous and Mauve Fetish. The rest of them are too light or too dark or just really unremarkable.

Have no fear. Between the kiddo and my sister all of them will have good homes.

Wanna know what else I've been wearing to see if they can stay or if they have to go? I tried on all of my Almay lip glosses and they are VERY unremarkable. None of them gave off any color that I could see. So, the kiddo liked them and wanted to gloss up her lips with them.

That's 3 lip gloss brands down (I already went through my NYX Butter Lip Glosses). Stay tuned and see what we sort through next!

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