Mar 5, 2015

March Lip Love - Milani Brilliant Shine Lip glosses

Hey there!

I forget things. That happens when you have 9 million lip glosses. You keep using the same brand over and over and forget everything else. You forget about all of the other wonderful lip glosses that you just had to have. You try to think of ways to solve this problem. A while ago I put all of my lip glosses in color order and thought that would help. Well, it kinda did.

Even though it almost helped, I felt that I could do better. So, what I did recently was pull out all of my NYX Butter Glosses and used them throughout the month. Now that we are in March, I decided to pull out all of my glosses in another brand and use them. I looked through all of my glosses and Milani Brilliant Shine Lip glosses won.

I've loved my Milani Brilliant Shine Lip glosses for a while now. They are very pigmented, they go on smoothly and they smell great. I reach for them a lot and I think I'm going to enjoy spending my March wearing them.

I own Black Cherry, Berry Tempting, Pink Lady Mai-Tai, Luminous and Mauve Fetish. I was actually watching a Favorites video and someone mentioned Pink Lady. That got me to thinking that I needed to change out my NYX glosses for these! The shade spectrum is going to give me a lot of colors to play with and I will be able to layer these over lipstick, lip liner or wear them by themselves.

And, I like the idea of being brand specific for a while. I really do have a lot of lippies and this will give me the opportunity to give these Milani gems some love.

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