Mar 7, 2015

Review - Zoya Polish in Marnie, Aubrey and Odette

Marnie, Aubrey, Odette

Hey there!

I've finally finished wearing  all three of the Zoya nail polishes that I bought. I haven't worn the three free minis yet. I wanted to test drive the actual purchases first. 

The polish that I have had in my online shopping cart the longest was Marnie. I wore it last because I thought I would love it the most. It's a deep brown with hints of cherry, depending on your lighting. It's a beautifully rich color that looks fantastic against my skin. But, it is not my favorite color. 

Aubrey was the color I wore second. It's also a brown but it has warm pink undertones. I really liked this color against my skin as well. It was a gorgeous fall and winter color. 

My favorite of the colors was Odette. It was a warm, creamy purple. I had no idea I'd love it as much as I did. It complemented my complexion so well and it transitions from winter to spring nicely. The other two are very nice and I will probably pull them back out but Odette is on rotation! Odette is the bomb dot com. 

All of these polishes had a good formula. They went on smoothly and they wore well. I wore them all for 5 days and the only chipping was tip wear.

I must say that my previous 2 Zoya purchases were less than stellar. This purchase put them back in my good graces. I'm ready to try them again. 

ULTA, here I come!

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