Mar 6, 2015

SinfulColors Spring 2015 Collection - Bloomblast and CitrusTwist

Hey there!

I'm not an early adopter. I don't buy the latest gadgets. I don't purchase subscription boxes right away. I let other people try things out first and then I join and purchase. But, Sinful Colors released a jelly line and a glitter in crelly line for spring and I had to pounce! I mean these polishes are $1.99 each. You can get all of them if you want to!

(Side note. I am new to the polish game. These may or may not be crellies and jellies. If they aren't and you are offended that I called them out of their name, sorry, not sorry. They are nail polish. I like them. So there).

I picked up 2 of the Bloomblast polishes. I got Petal Be The Day (a purple crelly with purple and blue glitter in it) and Flower Power (a pink crelly with white and pink glitter in it). There is also Standing Bloom Only (an orange crelly with orange glitter in it) but I wasn't feeling it. It you look at the swatches (2 coats) you can see that they aren't opaque so I'd definitely use them as a topper and not on their own (can you say party nail, cause I can!). The glitter was easy to get on the nail wheel. I didn't have to fish but I did pat on the second coat to get more glitter.

The CitrusTwist is to die for. You need to stop reading and go get it NOW! There are three of these and I got them all! Zest of Times is a jelly pink that is so pretty. Ring The Belini is a yellowish orange that is like "pow!". Horizon Shine is a berry red. All of these have a sparkle in them that is so awesome. I only used 2 coats on the nail wheel but I can see a third coat making all the difference.

There were some new Opalescent colors in the line. Sheer Flight is a dark green/emerald color. Prized Plume is a shiny blue. Flight To See is a purple. All of the Opalescents are jewel toned. I wasn't feeling them either so I left them alone.

There were other colors but I wasn't sure what was new and what wasn't. And, once I looked at them, nothing jumped out at me. I have way too many SinfulColors polishes to just get them for buyings sake. Besides, there are other polishes that I could purchase instead.

Have you seen the new SinfulColors spring line? Are you excited about any of them or do they just not do it for you?

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