Feb 2, 2015

Laura Mercier Invisible Setting Powder

Hey There!

I said that I would come back to you good people after using my sample of Laura Mercier Invisible Setting Powder a bit more. I used it off and on for the last three weeks. I was hoping that after using it for a while I'd have a different opinion of the setting powder.

I don't.

I don't think I gave an adequate review when I talked about it in my Ipsy bag review. The Laura Mercier Invisible Setting Powder is $37 for .4 oz of product. It gets rave reviews from a lot of folks on YouTube and in the blogger world.

First, this is not invisible. It is very visible and very chalky. I'm an NC42 but most of the time, I can get away with invisible setting powders. Sometimes I have to use just a touch but I can get away with it. This one? Whoa, it looks like Halloween and I'm Casper The Not So-Friendly ghost.

Second, this is not good for touch up. If you are trying to use enough to mattify your face after work, before you go somewhere else, it almost cakes up on your face. I have an oily t-zone but normal to dry everywhere else. I have several touch up powders that are fantastic at mattifying my t-zone. This is not one of them.

Third, it's a fine powder that goes everywhere. Even with a sifter, it still get's everywhere. And, because it's fine, it's a beast to clean. It reminds me of the feel of cornstarch.

I know that this is supposed to provide a flawless finish and create a soft focus on the skin. The website even says that "the universal shade matches all skintones, from light to deep". Apparently their deep wasn't even as dark as me. I just don't get it.

I used as much as I care to. I don't even know that I'll pass this to a friend...because I kinda want my friends to stay my friends. This is an expensive fail (if you pay full price). There are many other setting powders that you can use for much less. Try those first.

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