Dec 5, 2014

Ipsy Bag - November - Review

Hey there!

It dawned on me last night that I hadn't reviewed last month's Ipsy bag. I think I kept putting it off because it was rather underwhelming. At first glance I thought it would be great but when I got into the products, I was wrong. 

Let's start with the items I had other people try out for me. Because I can't wear all types of eyeliner, I asked a coworker to try out the you're so FINE Eyeliner by Elizabeth Mott for me. She really liked it. She said the little gold flecs were  interesting but the eyeliner stayed in placed for a good portion of the day. I get the feeling from her and a few other folks that reviewed this product that just a black eyeliner might have been preferable. It's $17.99 which is a bit expensive for an eyeliner in my opinion.

I also gave away the Eye Base by Be A Bombshell Cosmetics. It reminded me if the Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadows so I gave a coworker the eye base and a similar Color Tattoo. The eye base was a brown color whereas the Color Tattoo was more of a grey brown. My reviewer said it was silky smooth but less pigmented than the Color Tattoo. While the color of the Be A Bombshell eye base was pretty and silky smooth, at $14 she would go for the Color Tattoo instead because of pigment.

I tried the Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Volume Shine Hairspray by Marc Anthony and I liked it, for as much as I like hairspray. I have course hair and wet is not a good combination for course hair. And, it's humid as crap most mornings. But I did try it out on days when I was able to leave house after the morning humidity had died down and I did enjoy it. It smells good and there's a nice sheen to it. It's only $7.99 at If I wore hairspray on a normal basis I'd probably give it a go but I don't so I won't. 

The OCC lip tar dupe (Come on! We're all thinking it) was nice as well. The color of the Wonder Lip Paint by J. Cat Beauty was a bit bright for me but when mixed with a lighter lip gloss, it was manageable. It stains decently if you like lip stains and it wears for quite a while. It is drying so have a lip balm at the ready. I don't care for lip stains so I wouldn't purchase it. It's only $4.99 so I think if you decide to try one out anyway, you'll be okay.

The final product was the Invisible Loose Setting Powder + Mini Fan Brush by Laura Mercier. This was the product I was the most excited to try. Everyone talks about how fantastic this powder is. It's supposed to blur imperfections and create a soft-focus appearance. At $37, it should be pretty fantastic. I didn't see it. It seemed to work just like every other powder I've used. I didn't see the magical fantasy behind it. I still have product, so I will keep using it and maybe when I'm done I will have changed my mind.

So, there are 5 products that have been reviewed  at a retail cost of $81.97. I only paid $10. I definitely think I got my $10 worth but I wasn't wowed. I didn't find a new and exciting item that I will now add to my arsenal and I think that's what you really hope for from your Ipsy bag. I'm certain that the product makers are hoping that. I'm going to have to put Ipsy back on probation. They just got off of probation last month!

But, I just got a sneak peek at my November bag today and they might be ok for next month.

Stick around and we will see.

Ipsy Link  <--- I've put my link right here in case you are interested in checking this out for yourself. I personally think it's a great deal for $10 BUT that is completely my opinion and if you don't want to use my link, that's okay too! If you are interested and would like to try them out, I'd be super stoked if you did use my Link. If you do decide to, come back and tell me how you like your first bag!!

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