Feb 1, 2015


Hey there!

It's trash day! You know, that wonderful day that I pull out all the trash from my bathroom (well, not all of it) and show you what I used up in a month. I also give you a mini review on the stuff.

Let's start in the tub, as I always do. You will notice that something is absent. There aren't any bubble baths. I know. I've been mixing and matching and I haven't used any of them up. Keep waiting though, it's coming. What you do see is that I finished 3 shower gels. I finished a Zest Creamy Cocoa Butter & Shea body wash. It was creamy, lathered well and smelled very good. I would definitely buy it again. One of my favorite shower gels is Bath & Body Works Energy; Orange Ginger Body Wash and Foam Bath. I love it. It smells so good and wakes me up. It says that it boosts your energy and I kinda think it does. I also finished a tiny bottle of Japanese Cherry Blossom from B&BW. It was fine. I probably wouldn't buy it again though.

Skincare is important this time of the year. I have to use heavier creams and I take extra care to make sure my makeup is off at the end of the day. The first facial cream that I used up was the L'Oreal Revitalift Triple Power Deep-Acting Moisturizer (whew! that's a mouth full!). I really liked it. It was moisturizing enough for winter without turning my face into an oil slick. It also smells pretty darn good! It smells...clean. When I finished this little gem up, I used a sample of the L'Oreal Age Perfect Cell Renewal Day Cream. That did it for me. I ran out and purchased a full size (ok, a small full size) the next day! It is just as good as the Revitalift but I feel that the shea butter and ...never mind. I liked the gold packaging better, ok? The stuff inside seemed the same to me. Both of them make my face feel really good and that's worth any amount of money.

I finished up 2 types of wipes this month. I purchased a Pond's Wet Cleansing Towelette (5 pack) for my travels. It's ok. It's nothing special. I finished my Wet n Wild Under The Sheets Makeup Removing Towelettes and made damned sure I had a backup pack on hand! I have fallen in love with these wipes. They are wet enough and soft enough that they feel like a wash cloth taking off the first layer of makeup. If I could put them into one of those baby wipe warmers without breaking down the remover stuff inside, that would be heaven! These are about $2.99 or $3.99 but so worth it. If you see these in your store, you should definitely check them out. They don't remove all your makeup (what remover wipe does?) but they are a good first step.

So you are probably wondering why that hair brush is in my empties. Well, I bought a new one. I had had this one for years and it was just time. I finished another tube of Clobetasol Propionate for my seborrheic dermatitis and a small bottle of Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo. I love all things Organix brand. I finished a bottle of CVS nail polish remover. Stay tuned. I purchased something new and exciting in the realm of nail polish remover and boy do I like it! I also tossed 2 very old body oils (Amber White Type and one without a name). I like body oils because they don't normally make me sneeze like some perfumes do. They also last longer throughout the day.

Let's talk toothpaste. You normally see Colgate brand in my empties. You might even see a Crest brand in my empties. When it comes to toothpaste, I am normally brand (kinda) loyal. But, I had heard soooo many good things about this Dollar Tree brand of Natural White Sensitive Whitening Fluoride toothpaste that I really wanted to test it out. That many people can't be wrong. Well, they were. This stuff was horrible. It was a super thin consistency and I felt like it always just ran out of my mouth. And, it was overly pepperminty. It was like my mouth was numb afterwards. I was so glad to be done with this tube. I didn't even try to get the last remnants like I do with other brands. I didn't see that it did anything special either. I mean, it didn't do anything bad, but it didn't do anything good. It did teach me that I can switch between Colgate and Crest if I want to. It would appear that those two do the same thing. This one probably does too, just in a runny form and I don't like that.

My non beauty related empty are these packets of water enhancer. Crush Singles To Go water enhancer in orange, strawberry and pineapple help me drink my daily allotment of water. I'm not a huge water fan but these add enough flavor to my water that I have no problem guzzling them down. I also use them with soda stream seltzer water, just very carefully (the water will fizz up quickly if you add them too fast). They are $1 for a 6 pack at Dollar General and Family Dollar. There is also a grape flavor but it's just ok.

And that's my trash! Nothing real fancy this month. Can't promise that there will be anything real fancy next month. But there you have it!

What did you toss this month? Will you try it again? Was it a freebie or a purchase?

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