Jan 7, 2015

Quickie Review - Sephora Lip Liners

Hey There!

I really expected more on ALL levels. I can't begin this post any other way. I love Sephora lipsticks and liquid lipsticks and lip glosses. My Sephora lipsticks (Sexy Game and Oh Oh!) are so moisturizing and such beautiful colors. I wear them any chance I get. I also wear my liquid lipstick in Fig. It's a tad bit drier but it's a liquid lipstick so I kind of expect it. I just lip balm it up and everything is fine.

So, when I saw these 2 lip liners by Sephora, it was a no brainer. They would probably be just as great. I ordered them and clapped my hands with glee when they arrived (Yes, I did. Don't judge me!).

I tried them both once and then I tried them both again. I wanted to make sure that user error had nothing to do with how bad these are. They are not moist in the least bit. They are dry and tug horribly at my lips. I can't remember the last time I had a lip liner that did that. And, they don't last. I put the deeper of the two, Royal Rose, on my lips and it was gone by the time I walked to the car and hopped in. I can't even see Native Nude on my lips. It doesn't matter though because it disappeared even sooner.

And they are tiny! They are almost 3" long! I'm use to liners twice that size for the price. I try to make some things work but these two lip liners are going back. I paid $5 each for them! That just isn't a deal anyway you look at it.

Have you tried the Sephora lip liners? What did you think?

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