Jan 8, 2015

Does it make scents?

Hey There!

I love candles. Everyone knows that. That's why I got soooo many smell goods for Christmas. Unfortunately, you have to finish what you have before you start burning new ones. Luckily, you get many opportunities to burn candles during the holidays. I finished 4 candles during the month of December. It wasn't hard. Candles really relax me, if they have a good scent. 

My favorite candle of the month was my Apple Pie scented candle by Celebrating Home. One of my coworkers was selling it for her kid. This one was very nice. It smelled just like warm spiced apple pie. It had a great room throw without being over powering.  I really enjoyed burning this one. 

My next fave was the Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding from Bath and Body Works. Man! I thought someone was cooking the custard and cutting the bananas for a real pudding. The room throw was amaze-balls and it burned all the way to the bottom. Three wick candles are tricky you know. Sometimes they only burn two thirds of the way down and then you are pissed. Not this one though. 

I burned Peppermint Creme by Living Colors. It's a Big Lot's brand that I thought would be nice. I've had other Big Lot's candles that I didn't like but this one smelled so good in the store, that I was convinced it would be perfect in my house. If you stand really close to it, you smell a faint scent of vanilla peppermint. If you walk 2 feet from the candle, you smell wax. I only paid $2.50 but I want $2.75 back for my trouble.

I also purchased Pumpkin Waffles from 719 Walnut Avenue from Wal-mart. The first time I lit it, it smelled great and then the next time I lit it, I couldn't smell it that well until it had been burning for 2 hours. That's not normally a huge problem for me because I typically burn candles when I'm going to be home for a while. But, I'd like to know that my candles are going to smell good whenever I burn them. I forgot what I paid for this one but I want an extra quarter back on this one as well.

Like I said, I have a lot of candles that I'm ready to burn and wax chunks that I'm ready to melt. I know that January is going to be a scent-a-licious month in my house. What are you burning this month?

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