Jan 6, 2015

Quickie Review - Milani Illuminating Face Powder

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Last year during the Black Friday sales, I tried out some products that I couldn't find in stores. Two of those items were the Illuminating Face Powders (Amber Nectar and Hermosa Rose) by Milani. I had seen them on other people's blogs and YouTube channels but I never could find them in my local stores. Then, Milani has their Black Friday sale and I seized my opportunity.

Over all, I like Milani's products. They are reasonably priced and a good quality. These two products definitely fall into that category. These illuminating powders normally cost $9.99 apiece. I of course, got them for half price so 2 of these babies for $9.99 is a great deal. I've heard other people complain about how cheap the containers are but I like them. I think they look sleek for a drugstore product. I've never been ashamed to pull them out or display them. And, you get a good bit of product in them fir the price. The containers have .35 oz of product. Laura Mercier has an illuminating powder with the same amount of product for $38 (Side bar - the Laura Mercier powder has hints of the same color spectrum as these. Is Milani a dupe? Not sure, you tell me).

I like the powders. There isn't a ton of sparkle and the colors meld together beautifully. Amber Nectar is a warm brown peach and Hermosa Rose is a brown with the slightest hint of pink. They both do have slight illuminating qualities but I wouldn't call these highlighters at all. For me, they are winter time bronzers. They give a rich, natural glow to my skin that warms me up and doesn't make me look over done. For someone lighter than me (NC42), these could be regular bronzers (with sheen). For someone darker, mehhh, not sure that they would work.

I like these and will continue to use them for a warm glow, until I get my summer tan. Then I'll have to put these away. Would I buy them again? The color is really natural and doesn't make me look all made up. At full price, probably not. For $5, maybe. I have to think about it. Do I recommend these? As highlighters, no. As warm bronzers, yes.

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