Dec 3, 2014

November Faves

 Hey There!

It's been about two months since I've done a favorites blog post. I spent a while testing new products so I didn't have a real favorite. When you are using something new every 2 or 3 days you don't have a chance to become attached to any one thing. This weekend, I was setting out my makeup for the week (yes, I choose blushes and bronzers for the week, just like my clothes) and I realized that I did have some favorites this past month. There were some items that stayed in rotation.

I think I have found my holy grail face primer. I wanted to fall in love with a primer because everyone else is. Once I understood what primers were supposed to do, I tried several of them this year and then me, being the princess that I am, found the most expensive one on the list. I've been using my Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer. It's a smooth base that is one of the only primers I've found to keep my t-zone (my nose) from getting greasy. I wear eyeglasses so that's a tall order. Hourglass has met the challenge and it's worth the money for that alone.

I have kept my e.l.f. Blush (dark) Palette on my counter all month. This has been the variety in blushes that I've needed. I may pull one or two single blushes out but I tend to reach for this and choose one of the 4 gorgeous colors. It seems that within this palette I have all that I need. I might not ever have to buy another blush again. Bwah - ha ha. I know. That was funny.

I bought this L.A. Colors Mineral Pressed Powder pretty recently but I have picked up this powder almost every day since I bought it. This has rivaled my MAC and Lancôme powders. It's smooth and a great color match. No, I'm not going to toss out my high end face powders but this one will stay in rotation with them.

My NARS creamy concealer has been my love since I received it in my Sephora VIB haul. I cover my dark spots and I feel comfortable that when I get home from work, I will still have spot coverage. No, it won't be perfect (not 12 hours later) but it won't be dark and glaringly obvious. I've pulled out the other concealers once or twice, simple because I don't want them to dry out or anything.

I've been testing different lipsticks all month so I don't have a favorite right now. What has been a constant is my NYX retractable lip liner in Nude Pink. It's a great nude for my lips and it has worked with many different shades of lipsticks. I've had a few lipsticks that without liner, are sliders but this lip liner has kept them in place.

My eyebrow combo has been my Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil in Soft Brown and my e.l.f. Wet Gloss Lash And Brow Clear Mascara. Man! I've been missing out on eyebrow life with this. I mentioned that I had tried Anastasia Brow products before and wasn't a fan. If I had tried this perfect duo before, I'd have never tried anything else.

And that's all folks. It's not a large loves list this month, but it's nuthin' but love. Everything has been used more in November than anything else. You have to keep reading though because I have a lot of stuff that I've been playing with so December favorites might be even more exciting.

Or you might see the same things next month. You never know.

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