Dec 2, 2014

Body Fantasies Cotton Candy Fragrance Spray and Moisturizing Lotion

Hey There!

You are probably wondering why this Body Fantasies Cotton Candy Fragrance Spray and Moisturizing Lotion gets its own post.

Because Body Fantasies Cotton Candy Moisturizing Lotion is FREAKIN FANTASTIC!!

I don't know why this cheapy, sweetie, syrupy ... wait, was I talking about food? No, no, I wasn't. I was talking about my love of this moisturizing lotion. Yes, it's super sweet and no, it's not the most moisturizing lotion I've ever used but I love it. I found it at a drugstore several years ago and fell in love. Then, when it was time to replenish, I couldn't find it. I searched high and low and the only place that I could find it was on ebay and Both places had price tags of $8 - $12 (plus shipping) and I was happy to pay it because I loved the smell so much. And then I walked into Family Dollar.

I was going in to just see what they had. The dollar stores always seem to have little goodies that we miss. I've discovered nail polishes, hair products, household goods, etc. When you forget about these stores, you miss a lot.

Anyway, I walked into the store and saw these little Body Fantasies sets for $5. I saw a lily fragrance and a honeysuckle fragrance and then, in a torn box, opened lotion, just waiting for me, was my cotton candy fragrance.

I was on the phone with my mother and I know she thought I was crazy. I was whispering my excitement (I didn't want anyone to overhear me and steal it from me). I only found one but I drove 2 miles away to another Family Dollar and found 1 more box. Maybe each store only got 1?

Suffice it to say, I will make sure to stock up this holiday season. Perhaps that's the only time that Body Fantasies puts out the full size lotions to match the sprays. Maybe you can only get them in sets and my finding the lotion solo was a fluke.

Whatever the reason, I am on to you Body Fantasies. I will buy as many of these as I can find (ok, maybe 1 more) and I'll be ready when you put these away.

And then next holiday season it's back on, just you and me!

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