Oct 1, 2014


Hey there!

September is gone! I'm not sure where it went but it sure went fast. And now, it's time to show you what I used up this month as I walk towards the trash can.

Starting in the bathroom, the tub actually, I used up another AVON Bubble Bath (Coconut Water - 2 for $10) and a Target Up & Up brand body wash (Radiant Body Wash in Peach Extract and Silk $2.59). I like both brands. The Coconut Water Bubble Bath was ok but I'm not sure that I'll buy another one. The Peach Extract body wash was nice and creamy just as good as the Caress Brand. I will continue to purchase this one.

While in the tub a girl tends to shave her legs and (excuse my non-delicate nature here) pits. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I tried some cheapo reapo Dollar Tree razors ($1 for 5) and hated them. That means I have 5 razors that I need to trash. Bye Bye. I will NEVA purchase these again.

Deodorant - Secret brand in Powder Fresh. I buy them at Sam's Club, 4 for $7 or something like that or I use coupons at Target or Wal-Mart. Anywhosie, it's the only deodorant I wear because my underarms tell on me if I don't.

I'm tossing 3 bareMinerals products because they are old as heck and probably smell bad. I love my bareMinerals products and will always repurchase them but perhaps this time I won't go all ham and buy the big mamma jamma sizes! I put a good dent in the ORIGINAL SPF 15 foundation ($27). I probably only had 1/3 left. I only used half of the READY SPF 20 pressed powder Foundation ($29) and I might have used half of the tinted Balance & Boost Mineral Veil (purchased during a QVC special, so not sure of the price) -- maybe.

I need a moment of silence here. My favorite foot cream has been the Aveda Foot Relief cream for years. I love the smell, I love the feel, I love what it does for my feet. I don't love the price - $24. I have to give a bit of a spoiler here folks. I have tried other foot creams and so far they are only so-so. If I don't find something amazing soon, I'm going to have to borrow $24 from one of you and get this! And, by borrow I mean have with no intention of giving it back.

I got a Befine food skin care daily moisturizer ($24)  in an Ipsy bag and I don't like it. I tried it for a while and then decided that it wasn't any good. No need to keep it.

I picked up a Lush Bubble Gum Lip Scrub ($9.95) about a year ago. I gave some of it to my sister, shared with a friend and I still ended up with most of this left. I bought it to scrub the dead skin off my lips. I used it a few times and then realized, I don't have dead skin on my lips. I wear Baby Lips on my lips every night and it seems to do the trick. This is a nice product but I probably won't purchase it again.

I finally had to ditch my sample of Smashbox Photo Finish Luminizing Foundation Primer ($38). I wasn't a fan so I didn't use it that often and when I went to try it again, it was dried out. No worries. I don't think I missed anything. Not sure that I'd buy it.

I also had to let go of a Revlon Treat & Boost nail polish. I really liked it. It was great as a base coat on my nails. I don't know that it was magical or anything but it was nice. I bought it during the super CVS sale in the spring so I'm not sure what the cost is now. And, it may be discontinued. No worries. There are plenty of really good base coats out there.

Random - Clobetasol Propionate. My scalp needs extra help. I have to have this very month. I get it from my doctor's office.

And that's what's getting tossed in the bin this moment. I hope you enjoyed going through my trash. What did you finish this month that you loved? What did you finished that you didn't like?

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