Oct 2, 2014

September Faves

Hey there!

When you are product testing, you don't get to use your go-to faves very much. You are trying new things and your tried and trues go to the wayside. I tried not to do that (alot) this month, but of course, it happens. But, I did have some favorites this month! I didn’t have any last month. Sorry about that. Hopefully some of these goodies will make up for that!

I have been using the heck out of my Caress Aqua Sparkle Shower Gel ($2.99 @ Target). It is bubbly (sudsy) and smells so good. It’s like a fresh, clean scent and makes the bathroom smell really good. Isn’t that what bubble bath should do? Make the whole bathroom smell good? No? Oh, sorry. Anyway, I have several of the Caress shower gels and I prefer the creamy ones over the non-creamy. This one is an exception.

I also have been enjoying my Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin ($9.97 @ Wal-Mart). You know that I’ve been testing out as many as I could find that didn't have SPF or had a low SPF count. I know, I know, but SPF over about 18 breaks me out something terrible. I'm talking red face, itchy, swollen breakout. I have stuff from the dermatologist that I can use but it's not a daily moisturizer. Enter Neutrogena. This stuff has saved me. It's light and irritant free and feels so good on my skin. I think I'm in love...again.

Rimmel London lip liners (between $2.79 - $3.79 @ CVS, Rite-Aid or Walgreens) are some of the best liners in town. They are so creamy and highly pigmented that they can make even the worst lipstick/gloss work. I have been working these three colors all summer. Tiramisu, Rich & Wild Clover - They go so well with nude (for brown skin girls) lipsticks. They stay in my makeup bag at all times.

I have been using the heck out of this L'Oreal True Match Blush in Spiced Plum. It's a soft color that lets the rest of your makeup do it's job. It's a soft peach (even though it says plum) that stays in the background and lets your bronzer or highlighter shine. And, because it does it so well, it wins the award for best summer blush. I'm not sure how much I paid for this because I'm sure I picked it up at Big Lots but if I see a color that I might like from L'Oreal True Match, I won't hesitate to get it.

I have mentioned this China Glaze, Travel In Color, color so many times, I'm sick of hearing about it! But, I'm not sick of seeing it!! I love this color AND this formula. I normally put nail polish away once I've used it, taken a picture and then talked about it on my Monday NPR posts. Not this bad boy. It has a home right next to my desk (where I paint my nails). Every time I apply polish, I have to decide if I can add a touch of this to it. Ok, I'm done gloating about it. I won't mention it again (for the next 2 days).

I always try to have a non makeup item on my list. Lately it's been different coffees that I've loved. This month I discovered the Archer Farms Decafinated Caramel Macchiato coffee for the Keuring machine ($9.99 for a box of 18, but I bought 2, got a $5 gift card and got 5% off using Target Cartwheel making it $7 per box). This is a really good coffee. It isn't a strong coffee, so I have to brew it on the smallest setting, but with just a splash of creamer and a tap of sugar, you can sit back and relax with a cup of this in your hand. Target (seller of the Archer Farms brand) has been doin' the durn thing with their coffees. They always have a sale and a cartwheel discount to boot. Make sure you check them out if you are on the coffee isle.

So those are my loves for September. What are you loving this month? What did you absolutely despise this month? What have you had your eye on because you just know it's going to be your favorite? Let us know!

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