Sep 25, 2014

September Face (Powder) Off - NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Face Powder

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NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Face Powder is one of the 13 best face powders from the 13 best face powders article. It was the cheapest one in the group. But, never go by price alone.

Let me preface this post by saying I used my NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Face Powder in Translucent as a finishing powder, not a foundation powder. The article in leaned heavily toward foundation powders in my book. That being said, I really like the NYC Smooth Skin face powder itself. I just wasn't a fan of the color.

I really wanted to be able to say that this was a great translucent powder. I wanted to be able to say that it was just as good as others that I have tried but that just wasn't the case. While this powder  was smooth, buttery and blended well, it wasn't translucent. My complexion is a good test of translucency. You are truly a translucent powder if you blend flawlessly on my face. If you give off a white hue or look ashy, then you aren't as translucent as you should be. 

This power was ashy and gave off a white hue. I tried it with several foundations in several different forms (liquid, powder, bb cream) and it didn't make a difference. The ghost had walked in. I would like to say that I should have tried a powder with color but the store (and apparently the website) only had translucent, naturally beige and warm beige. Warm beige is the darkest color that they have and it was too light for this MAC NC42 girl.

That actually made me sad because like I said, this is a smooth powder that would have worked like a dream had the color be right. So, yes, this is a good powder. No, I won't every purchase it again. Yes, Mel B, you have a new pressed powder coming your way.

Has anyone else tried this powder and what did you think? Did the color work for you?

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