Sep 20, 2014

September Face (Powder) Off - Lancôme Dual Finish Multi-Tasking Powder & Foundation In One

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I was lucky enough to score several samples of the Lancôme Dual Finish Multi-Tasking Powder & Foundation In One. I had purchased many lipsticks and glosses (and my BB cream) at this counter and the lady was all too happy to provide them to me. I suspect there was a secondary reason as well. Keep reading.

This powder is really nice. The coverage is great. It stays on very well. Touchups are only needed in the t-zone. The color match is also on point. There are 25 shades to choose from  so you have a good chance of finding the color that you need.

This powder is $38.50 for .67 oz of product which that pretty much goes along with the price point of other powders that I have.  The problem is that I didn't see that it was THAT much better than anything else I've been using. It wasn't better than my MAC Studio Fix ($27) or my Bare Minerals READY® Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20 ($29). It was slightly better than my drugstore powders but only because of color match. The quality was about the same. Since I already have and love other powders, I didn't really see the point of adding this to my foundation collection.

But then I learned that Dillard's was having $10 off of all Lancôme foundations (liquid, powder, BB cream, etc.) on the 25th, 26th & 27th. Well now, $28.50 is a different story! Of course I'll grab one then! I don't know that this sale is at every Dillard's or in every state (give yours a call if you are interested) but I know I'll be at mine! I'll let you know what I get.

So over all, I probably wouldn't pay full price for this powder. While it's good, it isn't special. But, if I need a powder or there is a special sale, yes, I'd purchase one.

BTW, this is one of the powders from the 13 best face powders article. So far, I've liked the ones that I've tried from the article. I'm not sure about best face powders but I'll give a better review at the end of the month.

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