Sep 6, 2014

September Face (Powder) Off - bareMinerals READY SPF 20 Foundation

Don't talk about how dirty this is! LOL. It's been well loved (and used)!

Hey There!

I do have plans to buy/try new face powders. I'm trying to show off some of the ones I already own and have test driven before I do that.

One that I am in the process of tossing (expiration date) is my bareMinerals READY SPF 20 Foundation. Yes, I went through a serious bareMinerals phase. I had found a brand that I liked and I wanted everything in the brand. Now I spread my wings a little more.

Anyway, my bareMinerals face powder ($29) was nice but it wasn't the best shade match. There are 20 shades of this lovely powder but none of them are perfect for me. I had to choose between a tiny bit yellow, a tiny bit too light or a tiny bit too dark. I went with a tiny bit too dark (Tan). It gave me a little color and so in the summer I could wear it and appear as though the sun had kissed me in all the right spots. I couldn't wear it in the winter though. It would look as if the sun had pimp slapped me and walked off.
Again folks, well loved (and used)!
I loved how smooth the product was and that a little bit worked very well. It blended nicely and lasted most of the day. It's flaw was the shade really and that's how I ended up letting it expire before using it up.

If I had to try it again, I probably wouldn't. I'm wiser in the makeup game now and I know that different brands make shades more suited to my complexion. This is a really good face powder and if you stop in the Ulta or bareMinerals store, you should see if they have a shade for you. If they do, I say invest.

If they don't, pay closer attention to my September Face (Powder) Off posts.

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