Sep 5, 2014

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

Hey There!

I'm still going through my Sephora Favorites SummerStash kit.

My initial response to the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray was that I didn't know what it was doing. I know what it was supposed to do but I didn't see that it helped my makeup last any longer. I wore it for 3 days (that's my magical number for trying products) and I didn't see where it did anything.

And then I didn't wear it for a couple of days and I saw what it had been doing.

For me it works just fine. I hear people say it makes your makeup last all day. My makeup did last a bit longer. Not all ding dang day but long enough to make it almost to the end of the workday. Maybe a tiny touchup was needed but not a major makeup re-do.
Certain products lasted longer, like face powder (except in the t-zone area) and eyebrow pencil. Blush went away as it normally did. Not sure why.

It's a fine mist and 2 pumps took care of my entire face. My face did not feel sticky. And, It didn't smell bad at all (I avoid bad smells in makeup).

The downside is the cost. The 1 oz spray is $14 and the 4 oz is $30. My trial size was .5 fl. oz. I have to see how long this bottle lasts before I make a decision. I've heard that the e.l.f. Mist and Set is a good dupe. I own the Mist and Set but I haven't used it enough to say. I guess I'll try it out and see.

As for this purchase, I'm glad I've tried it. I like it and plan to keep using this bottle. When I get to the end I'll have to see how I feel and then I can decide if I'd buy it again.

Look for it in an empties!!

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