Sep 12, 2014

Quickie Review - Face Secrets Professional Terry Adjustable Headband

Hey There!

I'm deviating a slight bit from makeup. I've been testing out a few things that aren't makeup and I wanted to let you folks know what I thought. Even though today's item is not makeup, it helps in makeup application and removal.

I've been trying the Face Secrets Professional Terry Adjustable Headband for a while now and I must say, minus the fuzz, I like it. I think everyone knows what a headband is used for but just in case...

The Face Secrets headband is used to tie your hair back with cleansing your face or applying your makeup. I use mine at night when I am deep cleaning my face. I have random hairs that like to jump out and get wet and my hair doesn't bounce back when it gets wet.

It's machine washable, secures with a large velcro closure that adjusts to any size and is a very soft poly/cotton blend. The down side is that it is white so it gets dirty quickly and even though it adjusts to any size, I must have a super large head because it is just a tiny bit tight.

The original price was $5.99 but I believe Sally's discontinued this brand and I got it for $2.99. So, even though I like it, I can't get another one. I suppose that's ok because I'm sure Sally's will replace it with something similar.

And, I can't imagine that it won't be just as good.

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