Sep 22, 2014

Nail Polish Change - Zoya in Lulu and China Glaze in Travel in Color

Hey There!

I'm still wearing and liking my Nailene Nail Studio nails in medium. I added a pale polish on top and then added a bit of sparkle to the tip, just to change things up.

I used Zoya polish in Lulu as a base color. Again, I wasn't impressed. This is the 4th Zoya polish I've tried and for an $8 or more nail polish, this really should do more. The brush isn't my fave and I had to work harder to get polish everywhere. I paid under $3 for all of the color's that I've purchased and I kinda of want my money back. The pale peach color was decent but they could have done so much more with this color. It was sheer and washed out. I don't know that I'll wear it again.

Now, my teeny tiny China Glaze polish in Travel in Color was AMAZING!! I loved this color. It's like a non color of opulence. I tried to add this as a tip color but it didn't really show all the color that it could be. I hate that I only have a mini polish. I will certainly make a plan to go back and get another one if I can. This is worth paying full price! This color will certain get more play whenever I can wear it!

BTW, by the end of the week my "press on" nails looked very, very ragged. You can just barely get 3 weeks out of these. Just barely. But, come on, for the price they were well worth it. I'd purchase them again.

So the tally is Zoya, no; China Glaze, heck yes; Nailene Nail Studio nails, yes. Not a bad week!

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