Aug 13, 2014

Summer Liners

Top - NYX Retractable Lip Liner in Nude Pink    
Middle - 
Rimmel London Exaggerate Liner in East End Snob
Bottom - 
NYX Retractable Lip Liner in Vanilla Sky

Hey there!!

I picked up a new lip liner last week (that I have already fallen in love with) and I realized I hadn't told you good people about my favorite lip liners for summer. I've mentioned my current favorite lipsticks and lip glosses but I haven't told you what I line my lips with before I add those other lovely lippies.

I am a harsh critic when it comes to makeup (No?! Really?! We wouldn't have guessed!). Liners (eye and lip) have to be great for me to keep them. I'll toss out a bad liner in a minute! I like my liners to be creamy, smooth and they have to last. My favorite brands of lip liners are NYX and Rimmel London. I don't have that many NYX (yet) but I currently have 14 Rimmel London lip liners (Are you judging me? Wait...are you judging me for not enough or too many?). I have so many because I love the texture and the wear. The colors are knock outs and just the tiniest variance in shade can create a completely different look.

I have a handful of liners (a big ole', huge man sized hand) but I have 3 in constant rotation right now. I wear NYX in Nude Pink, Rimmel London in East End Snob and my newest baby -- NYX in Vanilla Sky.

Many of my summer fave lip glosses and lipsticks are nude or pink nudes. So these three go so well with them. NYX Retractable Lip Liner in Nude Pink is a warm, pinky nude. I like to wear it with deeper nudes or if I have a deeply pigmented gloss. This shade was the very first NYX liner I ever purchased and this is probably my second or third repurchase.

My next favorite go to is my Rimmel London Exaggerate Liner in East End Snob. I saw this on a YouTube video and I searched three different Walgreens before I found it. I paid full price (Yeah! I know!!) and took it home. Best. Purchase. Eva! I fell in love with this brown girl nude the first time I wore it. It works with pinks, browns, peach, you name it (Well, not red) it works with it. I love the look. Many times I will wear this with a quick slide of lip gloss and go. Perfect!

And the most recent addition to my collection is my NYX Retractable Lip Liner in Vanilla Sky. Whoa baby! This is a pale lip liner that works best with my lip glosses. I have begun smearing this on my lips and then adding my pink and lighter brown lip glosses and BAM! You've got a gorgeous lip my friend.

That's why I love lip liner. I knew when I watched my mother use brown eye liner (late 70's folks) as lip liner, there was a reason that I needed this product. Keeping my lipsticks in place is just one reason. The color range of liners is tremendous and a good liner is worth its weight in gold. They are simple to carry, easy to store and help your other lip products last longer. I am soooo glad I used it.

And no, Mommie doesn't still use brown eyeliner!

She does use darker lip liners though.

Yeah, I'm trying to broaden her horizons.

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