Aug 12, 2014

A Month of MAC - MAC Lustreglass

Hey there!!

I'm continuing my month of MAC with my MAC Lustreglass in Wonderstruck. I purchased this because I had heard so much about MAC Lustreglasses and I felt that I had to at least try one to see if the hype was real. Well, it kinda is.

It's stickier than I normally like my lip glosses but it's very comfortable. I add a bit of lip balm to my lips if I'm going to wear the gloss alone. If I'm going to wear it over something, then I just brush it on.

Mentioning brush, the brush is a brush, not a doe foot applicator. That takes away from the glamour of it all for me. But I can live with it. It's a sturdy handle so I'm not afraid of it falling  apart on me.

The color is a great nude for me. It also has a hint of sparkle that I like and it smells like sweet vanilla. I love lippies that smell good. It makes you want to use them more.

It does have a high shine but not over kill. The color that I chose does shine as much as a deeper color would. I find that I rub my lips together every now and then to rehydrate them and each time I do that, the shine fades a bit. I like that though.

It lasts for several hours and fades evenly. The little crystally shine stays for a while and sometimes even transfers to the line right outside of my lips. So, I have to catch that otherwise I look a bit cray-cray.

Ultimately, this is probably worth the $15. It's a small tube and when I saw it, I began to doubt that it was worth it. But, you don't have to use a ton of product. You use such a small amount that it lasts for quite a while.

I would definitely invest in other colors. Flusterose and Pinkarat are on my radar.

Have you tried MAC Lustreglasses? What did you think?

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