Aug 14, 2014

Nude Lip Crayons

Hey there!!

Keeping with the nude theme...

I gave away a ton of makeup items a few weeks ago. One product that I didn't sort through were my lip color pencils/crayons/balms/whatevers in nude. I had, yep, 6 of seemingly, the same color (Surprise, surprise!). However, you can't go by the color of the tube! It will get you every time.

The first 2 colors are Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balms in Ingénue and Coy. I love the smell of these. They have a sweet, pepperminty vanilla smell. They last quite a while and they are super comfortable to wear. Ingénue is a bit lighter than I like but Coy is perfect to wear alone. I often pop this bad boy out, no liner, no lipstick, no nuthin! Both of these get to stay in my collection.

I stay in my local Sally Beauty supply so when I saw that Femme Couture (Barely Blushing) had a lip crayon, I was ready to try it. I quickly discovered that the color was completely wrong. It is too pink for me. The formula is good (it lasts for several hours) but the smell is horrible. It smells like makeup. You know what I mean. This color cannot stay in my collection. I can't do a thing with it.

J Cat is a beauty supply store company that gets overlooked so many times. You can't sleep on them though. You'll miss out on something good. I always make sure I checkout what they have. In this case, some folks are going to miss out on the Twist and Kiss Hydrating Lip Balm in Jawline Kiss. This really is a great lip crayon. The color is almost too pink but I just use a deeper lip liner underneath and change it slightly. The formula is good. It stains just a bit (I don't like stains) but it certainly gets to stay in my collection.

Jordana Twist and Shines were all over YouTube when I purchased half the collection. They are good lip crayons and Terra Crave is a great color. They don't last worth squat though. You have to reapply often but they are so inexpensive that you don't really worry about that. I like them but there are so many really great lip crayons that I probably won't repurchase these.

And last but not least is the Sally Hansen Colorfast Tint + Moisture Balm in Nude N' Natural. I like the product but this is certainly the wrong shade. They are super sheer so you almost have to use a lip liner or lipstick underneath. And, they don't last as long as others. If I had picked another color, I'd probably keep it but I can't do anything with this color. And, I certainly wouldn't repurchase it.

So, I didn't get rid of these initially because I wanted to test them out. And, because I wanted to write this post, I did test them. And now I can toss the Femme Couture and Sally Hansen. I'll use the Jordana Twist and Shine until it's done but I won't repurchase it and anytime JCat Twist and Kiss or Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm come out with anything new, I'll be in line to purchase it.

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