Aug 15, 2014

Berry (and other) Lip Crayons

Hey there!!

Yesterday I told you about my nude lip crayons. I mentioned my major makeup cleanout and that I still had all my lip crayons to go through. Today I'll tell you about the berry lip crayons and what I'm keeping.

A bit of a disclaimer is in order first. I didn't realize until writing yesterday's post that I only had 2 colors when it came to lip crayons -- nude and berry. I guess that means I'm not very adventurous. I also noticed that most of my berry lip crayons are by Revlon. Shocker? Probably not.

Also, I trashed the Wet n Wild lip stains without taking a picture. I don't like stains and these stained a different color than they were. In my opinion it would have been a waste of time to include them.

So, the two non Revlon products are my Jordana Twist and Shine & my J Cat Twist and Kiss in Air Kiss. Notice I didn't tell you the Jordana name. You see that tube? I've used it so much, I've wiped all the writing off. Both of these are great lip balms. The colors work well with my skin tone and I'd never think of trashing them. However, The Jordana Twist and Shine doesn't last quite as long as other lip crayons so I probably wouldn't purchase it again. The J Cat? I'd buy it every time!

Now all of my Revlon products are great products. Even the Balm Stains are nice. Remember in paragraph 3 I said I didn't like Balm Stains? Well, I don't like them because most of them wear off unevenly and you are left with blotchy stain. For the most part, Revlon stains don't do that if you catch them in time and add lip balm (Maybelline Baby Lips are my favorite lip balm right now).

Whimsical is a Lacquer Balm. It's a glossy berry that works well with my skin tone. Most of the time, this is simply thrown in my purse to wear alone.

Honey Douce is a pale pink (so, not a berry then). It's nice to just grab when you need something on your lips. I don't grab it often because it's too pale for me.

Adore is a Balm Stain that is just like Honey Douce -- I keep it around for just a hint of color. It probably should have been in my nudes. That didn't happen and I'm not sure why.

Sultry is a matte balm that is A.W.E.S.O.M.E. I love this color. I wear it alone all the time. It's another one that stays in my purse. It's a cross between a nude and a mauve. Because it's matte (but not too matte), it stays on a bit longer than the others. I really like this shade.

Smitten is a balm stain. I wear this under lipsticks. It stains the color that you see on the tube, so when berry lipsticks wear off, you get a decent color that you can add a lip balm to.

All of these balms get to stay. Honey Douce and Adore are on the fence. Next clean out they might just bite the bullet. But, everything else gets to leave in my lip crayon container. Will I purchase more lip crayons? I don't know. They are a good cross between a lipstick and a lip gloss but they aren't making me sing right now.

Check back in with me and we shall see.

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