Aug 3, 2014

Ipsy Bag - July - Review

Hey there!

I spent the last 2 weeks really trying out the items in this month's Ipsy bag. I like trying out new things and the Ipsy bag always seems to have great new stuff to try in addition to one or more of my favorites.

The old favorite this time was the Bare Minerals 5 in 1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow in Divine Wine. The full size is $18. I picked up a sample of Candle Lit Peach about 2 months ago and I have been loving it ever since. I had no doubt that I'd love this too.  The shade is a tad bit darker than I'd have picked but it looks really good. It's a nice cocoa shade that is a great base for your browns and goes well with almost any color that you are using. I love the formula. It stays on for such a long time. It's creamy and rich and a little bit goes a long way. If you've been with me for any time at all you know that I love products that "a dab with do ya".

I know. It looks like a weird color, but on your eyes...
oh on your eyes, it's so pretty.
This is a slather. You only need a touch.

One of the products that I knew about but had never tried was the Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm. It's a lip balm (duh, yeah I know). But, that's about all it is and not a very good one either. I didn't even realize (until I went to research the product) that mine was a color! My Pixi Balm is in Unique Pink which is supposed to be pH reactive and change to my own personal pink. I'm a woman of color and my personal pH reactive pink must be -- lip color. Sigh. It's not very moisturizing either. My $1 ChapStick is better. Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm is $14. Even with the Ipsy discount (that we learned last month, doesn't always work) I wouldn't buy this.

I tried the Whet brand refined nail lacquer. The color was...Facetious, a rich, royal blue color. It retails for $15 on its website. The brand is supposed to be free of harmful chemicals, chip resistant, high shine and a vegan formula. The formula is the bomb. It lasted quite a long time and the glossy blue finish was great. I was scared when I saw the bottle but my toes loved it! The Ispy 30% discount does apply on the website and gives you a $6 flat shipping option in addition to other shipping avenues. I'd probably spend the extra 50cents and go with a tracking option. There are lots of colors to choose from, so with my discount, I wouldn't be opposed to trying another color.

I also had the honor of trying Be Fine Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15. I liked it. It was a thin consistency which I look for. I'm not into heavy moisturizer. I wish they offered a SPF free version because sometimes that can break me out. This one didn't but it made my face feel warm for about 2 minutes, so I was a bit scared. I received a 1.5 fl oz size to try. If you want to purchase the 1.7 oz size (with a pump) the price on the website is $24. After shipping ($6.95 USPS) and the 20% Ipsy discount the total was $26.14. That wasn't too bad but I wasn't THAT sold on it. Maybe after I use this sample up (and I will) I'll feel differently.

Even though you might think that I wouldn't, I did try the Hang Ten Dark Tanning Oil. My sample size was 1 fl. oz. I tried it on my feet and legs. Those are the parts of me that don't tan but I'd like for them too. Twice, on the sunniest weekends we've had so far, I followed the directions and waited for my feet and legs to get a golden brown(er than my normal color). I sprayed product all over my feet and legs(and all over the floor of my bathroom) and waited for gorgeousness to happen. It didn't happen. After two tries the only thing that happened was that my bathroom floor needed a good mopping and the bottom of my feet got really oily and dirty. Not exactly what I was hoping for. So, this bottle went in the trash. I don't have many friends that try to tan so I couldn't pass it along. Even my white friends don't slather on lotion to tan. They are mostly SPF freaks. I knew this wouldn't work but I thought I'd try anyway. What could it hurt? Well, it didn't hurt but it wasn't for me. Oddly enough, this is one of the products that had a good discount that made the price plus shipping work. The full size, 8 oz bottle is $11.99 with $5 flat shipping. After the 25% discount, it would cost you $13.99 to get it home. Not bad if the product works for you.

Oh! And the bag itself was cute. It was a pink, faux leather pouch that I use in my craft area. I really liked it! It's something I wouldn't have picked up myself but I enjoy having it.

So over all, how was my Sensationally Sunkissed Ipsy bag? I liked it. One of the products was something I was going to purchase (maybe not that color, but yes to that product), a nail polish that I would never have purchased but I am so glad that I have and a moisturizer that is almost what I want so I'll be on the lookout for other products from that company. Again folks, I say to you that for $10 this ain't a bad deal. You get to try 5 new products and get a cute bag to boot! So far, I don't have any qualms with Ipsy and can't wait for next month's bag!!

Ipsy Link  <--- I've put my link right here in case you are interested in checking this out for yourself. I personally think it's a great deal for $10 BUT that is completely my opinion and if you don't want to use my link, that's okay too! If you are interested and would like to try them out, I'd be super stoked if you did use my Link. If you do decide to, come back and tell me how you like your first bag!!

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