Jul 6, 2014

Sephora + Pantone Universe Rush Luster Cheek Sweep

Hey there!

I have to admit that I almost passed this over. I opened the lid and saw the colors and walked away --several Sephora visits in a row. Then a few weeks ago, one of my Sephora ladies mentioned that it was on sale and I looked at the colors again -- and walked away again.

I knew that I wanted to try the radiant orchid lip balm because, well, it's lip balm. They are sheer anyway so what can a radiant orchid lip balm hurt? So I picked that up and walked past the Cheek Sweep. Then I went back. I held it and looked at it and then thought, "What the hell?". I brought it home.

First of all, isn't the packaging so sleek and pretty?! I hate to put it away. I just feel that it needs to be right in the middle of my makeup table at all times! The ombre palette and then the beautiful colors inside make it a true piece of art work. Sephora did this right!

There are three colors in here -- Bridal Rose (a frosty pink highlight color), Spanish Villa (a champagne highlight color) and Radiant Orchid (a purple blush color). They are so butter soft! I mean just smooth and blendable. The first time I wore this, I put too much of the Radiant Orchid on and I was able to blend it down a bit.

The Bridal Rose works for me as a "highlight base" for lighter shades of blush. If I want to go with a soft cheek, I can use Bridal Rose and then my blush on top and there is a glow on my cheeks. I use this for casual days.

The Spanish Villa is a highlighter than is nice but I've used better highlighters. It blends well and has beautiful color but I just feel that after a few hours, it's gone. I've worn other highlighters that seem to last a lot longer. It is nice though.

The Radiant Orchid blush is ... well, gorgeous. That looks like some serious purple doesn't it? Well, when used lightly, it is amaze-balls. It is a pop of color that tan or brown skin will love! I read some reviews that on lighter skin it may not look natural but on my face it looks great. I am so glad I took a chance on this because it worked out so well.

Have you checked out the Radiant Orchid products from Sephora yet? They're on sale! What are you waiting for??

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