Jul 5, 2014

Brush Up On It! - Sephora Brush It Off Cleansing Brush Wipes

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It has taken me for-eva to do this review. I mentioned back in May that I picked up the Sephora Brush It Off Cleansing Brush Wipes. I was excited to try them because I thought that it would be great to be able to remove some makeup off of my brushes mid week. I had no illusions that this would clean my brushes as well as my weekly (biweekly) cleanings would but I did want to freshen them up mid-week.

I paid $8 for 6 wipes. Pricey, but I figured if it worked, it would be totally worth it.

The wipe itself is a 7.5" X about 8 (not)square. It's not an overly wet wipe but it is an oily wipe, not an overly oily wipe, but you can feel the oil. That kinda bothered me because I didn't know what kind of oil this was putting on my makeup brushes.

I took the wipe (just like the Sephora YouTube channel suggested -- which is where I discovered these wipes) and wiped my brushes off in the swirling motion and back and forth motion. The demo showed that you could refresh about 4 or 5 brushes using quadrants of the wipe and if the brushes weren't overly dirty, you could do 8 brushes using the front 4 quadrants and then flip the wipe over and use the back 4 quadrants. Unless it's an eyeshadow brush that you use to do very light colors on or a powder brush that you've only used once, this doesn't really work. The brushes that I chose to use were my blush brush, eye shadow brushes and my powder under eye concealer brush.

This product is not for foundation brushes or concealer brushes or eyeliner brushes. Brushes used for highlighter would be good with this. If you are doing a natural eye color or using a lot of light eye shadows, you can use this daily refresh wipe. If you are smoking out your eyes, this is not a good product for those brushes.

I think it's a very nice idea to freshen up brushes in between washes. But, I have concerns. You have to do some serious back and forth sweeping motions with your brushes. Your brushes don't get wet so I don't know if this is causing any damage to them. You are actually using more power than when you wash your brushes (if not, you are either going to take quite a long time to clean your brushes or they aren't going to get very "refreshed"). Also, I don't know what that oil is! And then, I'd still rather have 50 million brushes so that I can just use a brush a day or every 2 days and clean them on the weekend or every other week. I'm ok with owning more than 1 blush brush, in fact I own enough blush brushes to use a new brush everyday anyway.

I also wanted to see if using my facial wipes would do any better. Wiping my brushes on a facial wipe actually worked a little bit better. I don't know what the repercussions of doing that are but for what these wipes do, I could get just as much brush freshness for a tenth of the price! I also know what's on the face wipes. I figure if they are safe enough to use on my very delicate face, they should be safe enough for my brushes, right?

So I will finish using this pack but I probably won't buy them again. If I feel that I need a daily refresher, I'll just use my facial wipes or I'll just use another brush until brush wash day.

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