Jul 7, 2014

Nail Polish Change - Sinful Colors Pink Forever and Orly FX Fight On

Hey There!

I was super stoked to wear my Sinful Colors polish in Pink Forever because I picked it up from the clearance bin at Rite Aid. Normally, the bin is hit or miss but on this particular day, it was very hit. I got a lot of nail polish colors for 50% off and a few for 75% off. I picked up this color the same day I picked up the Orly FX polish in Fight On ($3.99 at Marshalls). When I pulled all of my goodies out of the bags, these two colors landed next to each other and this past week's color combo was born!

I loved the pink of the Sinful Colors polish. It's a pretty blue toned pink that will get much wear. When I put the first coat on it looked a bit pepto-bismolish and I got a scared but as it dried the pepto color toned down and I really began to like it.

The Orly FX glitter polish was pretty as well. The base color is a pretty pearlescent, pale pinky lilac. Do you see that glitter on my party nail and pinky? It was hard work to get that on those fingers. The first swipe of the brush yielded nothing but pearlescent color. The second swipe got about one piece of glitter on each nail. I had to shake the bottle, coax the glitter out and then dab the glitter on each nail! It was work! Maybe as I use more of the pearlescent color (and oh yes, I will), the glitter will be easier to get out.

Both colors are gorgeous and wear very well. The brushes tips were easy to work with and I actually was able to color inside the lines! Well, for the most part -- you know me!! These polishes will stay in rotation for sure.

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