Jun 15, 2014

Weekend Haul

Hey there!

I didn't do as much damage as I thought I would folks. I had some retail therapy planned this weekend. I had a rough week and only saving money helps with that kind of week! I'll make sure to tell you what I think about everything that I purchased.

My first stop...Walgreens. Several folks had posted on Instagram, their super finds. Sighhhh. My 2 local Walgreens didn't have those same super finds. I picked up the two Baby Lips Balms that you see (Just Peachy & Coral Crave) and Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant nail polish (Diva After Dark). I didn't see much else. I'm not sure if the good folks hadn't had time to put stickers on stuff but Walgreens doesn't have a price checker like CVS so it's hard to know.

Anywho, my next stop was Ulta. I've mentioned a few times that I don't make it to Ulta often because I don't live near one. So, when I get there, I linger. Oddly enough, I linger near the cash register only. Yesterday the deals at the register were mainly nail polish. I had just gotten a ton of polish during the CVS Super Spectacular Mega Haul so it wasn't as if I needed much more. But, I caught some Zoya polish (Dhara - PixieDust, Piaf - Metalic & Carter - PixieDust) on sale for $4.99 and I had my $3.50 off of $10 coupon so I decided to add to the collection. This is almost the only time that I purchase high end polishes. I can't drop $8.50 for a nail polish. This is the perfect time.

I was looking for a black sweater to make one of my dresses office worthy and wandered into Dillard's. These pretty blue boxes (with pink discount stickers) caught my eye. DuWop cosmetics appears to be leaving Dillard's (I didn't investigate that or anything, I'm just speculating). They had quite a few things but the Double Glow 7 luminous face balm (champagne) and Keep Blushing water resistant blush (rose) caught my eye. The face balm is normally $25 but I got it for $6.50 and the blush is normally $22 and I got it for $5.50. Sounds great...unless I like them and want more!

Right next to Dillard's was Bath & Body Works. They were having their semi-annual sale. Unfortunately they didn't have the Signature Lemon scent that I loooooove. So I settled for Coconut Lime Breeze, and Malibu Heat shower gels. I also got Peach Bellini and Watermelon Lemonade candles in a jar. I've been picking up quite a few candles lately so I didn't want to add too many. As I type this I have 3 candles burning in different rooms. Someone call the fire department! Oh, I also picked up 3 hand soaps - Berry Sangria, Orange Creamsicle Swirl and Sugar Berry Shortcake. I think I was the last person on earth to get on the B&BW hand soap craze. I had been using whatever else I found but on Black Friday this past year I purchased 2 and the kiddo made me promise we wouldn't use anything else from then on. I agree.

I also picked up a small early-harvest raspberry bubble bath from The Body Shop for $4. I think the early-harvest raspberry line must be a scent that they are discontinuing because the early-harvest raspberry soap, lotion, room spray and body butter was on sale too. I looked on their website and perhaps they are just making way for...raspberry scent. Seriously, go look.

Target didn't have as much as I thought it would but I picked up a Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer in Berried Under. My mom picked up Cinny Sweet. Mom loves deep berry or wine colors. It's almost the only thing in her collection.

The other polishes I picked up were from Victoria's Secret. They are discontinuing their makeup line so everything was half price. I've never tried their nail polish but I've been on a pink kick so I thought I'd try String Bikini (bubble gum pink) and Peep Show (pearlescent pink). I also picked up a metalized eye shadow in Gold Card, a lip gloss in Devotion and a lipstick in True. I do plan to visit another Victoria's Secret and see if I can find anything else...

...because obviously this haul wasn't big enough! I need more!

No worries. I'll most definitely find more.

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