Jun 16, 2014

Nail Polish Change - Nicole by OPI in Stand By Your Manny & Tea Beauty polish in Pink Rose

Hey There!

For the past 2 weeks everywhere I turned I saw folks with tiffany blue toe nails. I decided I needed to jump on the bandwagon. I had recently picked up a Nicole by OPI polish in Stand By Your Manny and it looked so pretty in the bottle. I decided I needed to try that one out on my nails.

It's pretty. It's a opalescent sky blue. I used 2 coats and ended up with a sheer finish. And, while it's a very pretty color, it wasn't what I was going for and I didn't like it on my toes. And, because it's on my toes, I can't tell you about the wear of it because, well, I don't type with my toes. But, it's nice and I like it but it's wasn't what I thought it would be.

And on to my nails. That is a beautiful pink isn't it?! I loved it from the very first swipe of polish. It went on beautifully and I only needed 2 coats. I had never even heard of this nail polish brand! I found it at a Walgreens when I went to visit my sister. I picked up this one and a teal one. I wish they had had more of them because I certainly would have tried them all.

The formula is great. It wore well and I had almost no chips! The brush was a regular old brush and I'm not a fan of that but I can live with it. The cap is small so it was hard to hold. I wasn't a fan of that either but it was ok. Do you know what wasn't ok? The smell.

I didn't realize these were scented polishes. I just saw the pretty colors and grabbed them. I have no idea what the scent this was but I wish they wouldn't. The first day I wore this polish, I kept washing my hands thinking that I had left some remover on my cuticles or something. I just couldn't seem to get the smell off of my hands. Then I realized it was my nails. Argggg. I hated that smell. But, it did dissipate after 2 days. I guess I can put up with that in order to get such a pretty color.

If you read yesterday's blog you know that I picked up some new colors. I haven't decided if I'm going to try them or try one of the other polishes that I've picked up recently. But, I think I'm going to stick with the pink shades!

What have you been wearing this summer?

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