Jun 14, 2014

Shiseido Facial Cotton squares

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A few of the good folks on YouTube have professed their love for the Shiseido Facial Cotton squares. That being said, they have also said that the love stops at the price tag. These little buggers are $9.50 for 165 squares! But, so many people said such good things about them I ran to my Sephora to pick up a pack.

I was so skeptical of these things at first. Come on, $9.50 for a bag of cotton squares? You have to be kidding. I love my CVS brand cotton rounds that I can grab for $3.59/100 (BOGO of course so $1.80). I go through a whole package of cotton rounds each month so even at full price the CVS cotton is a steal.

My ladies at my Sephora had to go to the back storage room to get a pack for me. They all love the Shiseido squares but they too admit that the price tag gets them. But, they told me I should at least try them. You know my Sephora ladies don't steer me wrong.

I have to admit, the Shiseido squares are heavenly. They really are. Heck, the packaging is just as soft! They are just as strong as my CVS rounds. Because I use these little gems around my eyes, I have to make sure they are delicate enough.

Don't judge too fast! I've purchased cotton rounds from a different brand that weren't soft enough for my eye area. I am currently using those for getting polish off of my nails. I know you can get cotton rounds for $1.00/100 but you have to be careful with your eyes. As I explained before, even the cheaper version of the CVS cotton rounds aren't quilted on one side so they tear easily. I want to be able to gently rub my eye with my makeup remover. And, I want to use 1 cotton round to remove the makeup! If you have to use more than that, your bargain just stopped being a bargain.

Anywho, I haven't made a huge dent in my pack because I use them sparingly -- after masks or if I've worn more eye makeup than normal. They really are a treat and I use them that way. While they are very nice, I don't think I'll purchase them again. The price point is too high for something that is so close to what I normally pay a third of the price for (or a sixth of the price during a sale). If they were just a little bit better than my CVS rounds, I'd say to heck with the price and keep purchasing them.

But they are just too close and that means frugal wins.                 

What are you using on your eyes? Have you tried the Shiseido Facial Cotton squares? What did your wallet say when you did?

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