Jun 12, 2014

Prime Time Summer - Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Primer

A week or so ago I mentioned that I was looking at primers. Folks keep talking about how great primers are, if you get a good one. Everyone mentions making your foundation last longer and smoothing your skin. I don't have large pores but I'd love for my foundation to last all day. I put on my makeup at 6am and don't get home until 6:30pm. So, I'm on the hunt for a good one because, I want a great primer too!

This week I have been trying my Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Primer in 001 ($5.49, Target - $1.00 off coupon). Before you get too excited, 001 Apricot is the only shade this primer is available in. I was a bit hesitant by that but I had a coupon so...

On the Rimmel London website it promises that this primer will "create a perfect canvas for foundation application". They say you can use it alone or with foundation and it minimizes pores. I don't have large pores to begin with but this didn't minimize the ones I have, so if you have large pores, I can't see this minimizing yours either.

The color is a shade and a half too light for me (NC42) so wearing it alone would make me look ashy. I have to use this under foundation. Had I done my research, I might have tried the Fix & Perfect Pro Primer in 002. That primer is actually a white, lotiony color that doesn't have a tint to it. That one would probably work without foundation. But, that leads me to ask the question, why would I wear a primer without foundation? I have a BB cream I can use and I can mix it with moisturizer if I want to sheer it out a bit. So they whole "use it alone" doesn't fly for me.

But, for what it is and what I paid for it, it's acceptable. I don't see that it really enhanced my foundation wear time, so it didn't help the case for primer but I don't plan on giving up. Would I buy this again? If I need a primer, I can see that this would be ok. But for what a primer should do, no. To wear alone, no.

So the hunt is STILL on. What's next? Stay tuned.

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