Jun 3, 2014

Prime Time Summer - NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer

I know that technically it's not Summer yet but it's close enough. It's warm and I like warm (hot) so I'll dub it Summer.

For some strange reason, I have ended up with several tubes of primer and pore smoother and face blurrer. I thought about trying them out and making it Blurry June but when I counted the tubes that I have, I realized that have too many to give them a good test during just the month of June. So, I'll try them in June, July and August.

Well, I am probably breaking the rules already (and would you expect anything less?). I've been using this primer for the past month. I've been using the NYC Smooth Perfecting Primer in shade 684. I chose this primer because I hadn't really used primers regularly and I wanted to make sure that my skin would be ok with primers and BB creams and concealers and powders, all on the same day. My face can get claustrophobic and too many products on it makes me feel bad. Really, I just want to remove my makeup instantly.

With this product, my skin was just fine.
I wish you could see the pearlescent color. It's really pretty.

I didn't have any problems with the primer at all. The drop that you see is the same amount I use for half of my face. I don't know if that seems like too much to you but what I found was when used in that quantity, it gives my face a dewy finish. Once I put on my foundation and powder that finish was pretty much gone BUT on the weekend I use my moisturizer (with SPF) and then mixed this primer with my BB Cream and a light dusting of powder and it looks great.

Now, the back of the bottle says that it "minimizes skin imperfections, lines and pores for a perfect complexion". I'm not hoping on that train folks! I get a glow but that's about it. It also says "skin feels smooth, silky and moisturized". I can't put money into that claim either because I use it with my moisturizer.  And, I think that's ok. I paid half of $4.49 (BOGO half price baby!) and a nice weekend glow and possibly silky skin is totally worth $2.25.

Would I buy this again? Sure, I'd pay half price maybe even full price. But, I'm saying that before Prime Time Summer has even begun. Let's check back in August, shall we?

Have you figured out your holy grail primer? Or, have you just decided you don't need one. If you are on the fence, try them with me! 

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