Jun 23, 2014

Nail Polish Change - Victoria's Secret Nail Lacquer in String Bikini & Peep Show

Hey There!

Last weekend I picked up a few Victoria's Secret items. I wasn't very impressed with the cosmetics but the nail colors looked really pretty. I'm going through a pink phase (I don't know why) so the colors that I got were both pink.

My main color was String Bikini. In the bottle it was such a pretty color. Once I brushed 1 coat on, I got a little scared. Then I brushed on another coat. I was completely scared. I tried a third coat on one finger and it looked a hot mess. The formula sucked. I had 3 fingers that were completely cray cray looking. I shoulda taken a picture but I was too upset. I really wanted the formula to be great because the color on the 7 other nails was nice.

I said 7 nails but I meant 5 because I had 2 party nails (I am so glad we are doing that!!). Apparently Peep Show is a different formula or the sparkles cause a different reflection because my party nails looked good. I will definitely wear that again! I thought about painting over the other nails with it but I thought that it might make a bad situation worse.

I don't remember the brush or anything because the formula sucked so badly. I only had my pink nails for 3 days. I got tired of looking at them. So, no, I have no plans on purchasing any other Victoria's Secret nail polish.

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