Jun 2, 2014

Nail Polish Change - Nanacoco in Las Vegas Dream and Revlon Treat & Boost

I've mentioned that one of my favorite brand of lip glosses is from Nanacoco. It's $1.99 for the glosses and you get them from your local beauty supply store. I picked up some new gloss colors about a month ago (Baby Cheeks, YOLO and Party Rock) and I saw that Nanacoco also has nail polish.

I've never used their nail polish but it was only $1.99 and it looked so cute in the bottle I just couldn't pass it up. And, if it didn't work, it's only $2.

Oh, it works! Isn't that color great? It's all pink and sparkly. The pink is a nice strawberry pink that kicks off summer just right. It has just enough sparkle to be pretty without being overwhelming. The formula is good too! It's just as good as any polish that I've ever used. The brush is regular BUT the formula is a tiny bit runny. I know that doesn't sound good but it means you can apply a thin layer of polish. It's great. I really like it.

Underneath it I tried out the Revlon Treat & Boost that I got 50% off at CVS. I'm going to keep trying for a few weeks before giving my opinion.

I didn't get the best picture because I changed polish mid week. I was working on a DIY project and my nails looked kinda ragged so I started over. That color is coming up next week!!

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