Jun 21, 2014

DuWop Cosmetics Haul - Review

Hey there!

I'm still reviewing the stuff from last weekend's haul. I went a little crazy and you guys get to benefit from my craziness! If you look at the pics from last weekend, you'd think I spent a lot but remember, I am a super shopper so I buy at a discount!!

I'm not sure why but all of the DuWop Cosmetics items at my local Dillard's were 75% off. Everyone knows that a discount sticker gets me extremely excited. Even though they had quite a bit of stuff on sale, I was trying not to buy a bunch of stuff that I won't really use so I only picked up 2 items.
Top - Double Glow
Bottom - Keep Blushin
Thumb - I have no idea what's going on, obviously not lotion!

I thought I'd try the Double Glow Luminous Face Balm (Champagne) and Keep Blushing Water-resistant Blush (Rose). They both looked harmless enough. I took a look at the DuWop website (because I had heard of but never tried this line) and it doesn't appear that it's being discontinued or anything. The colors I bought are on sale for the full price too. So...

I tried the Double Glow first (orig $25, sale $6.25). Because summer is here (officially!!), I like a little glow to my skin. I've discovered that illuminators are the best way to go! This one is a creamy champagne color (as the name hints). I know that it gives off too much of a glow on my hand but I got carried away and used the amount that I'd use on both cheeks. Really, once you put it on, it gives you a soft glow that looks very pretty. I'd repurchase for $6.25. I might even purchase it for $12.50, because a little goes a long way and that .42oz jar will last a good little while. I don't think I'd purchase it at full price. It's nice but there are nicer ones at the $25 price point.

The Keep Blushing blush (orig $22, sale $5.50) is a different matter. The color was wrong, but that's my fault. But in addition to the color being wrong, it was a chalky, dusty color. It reminded me of the pink color in your sidewalk chalk box. I tried to blend it out and make it work but it was too chalky. I would certainly not purchase this again.

But, because I had to do some research on the DuWop website, I noticed a few other things that I'd like to try. I will pass on the lip venum, even though the colors look really nice, but I did take a second look at the angel washes and the mini private lipstick collection.

I dunno -- I'm thinking about it!

Have you ever tried DuWop cosmetics? What did you think?

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