May 3, 2014

Sally Beauty Supply Haul - China Glaze & Finger Paints

A few weekends ago Sally Beauty Supply had a deep discount on their already discounted nail polishes. Right near the front door, my Sally Beauty had a table of China Glaze colors and Finger Paints colors. I don't really need nail polish but who waits until they need makeup and polish to buy them, right? Oh, there are people like that? Sorry, not me.

If you have been sleeping on Sally Beauty Supply for polish and makeup, you need to wake up. They have some top shelf polish. They also have all the accoutrements that you need for nail care, hand care, feet care as well as hair care. I find myself in there at least twice a month and I come out with some great deals and some wonderful new finds. If you join their beauty club, you get discounts. If you aren't interested in their beauty club, just checkout their discount tables and you'll still get great deals.

Anywho, I picked up 8 polishes and only paid about $12 total. I have a fair amount of China Glaze in my collection and only a few Finger Paints but I can tell you that all of the China Glaze & Finger Paints that I have, were purchased when they were heavily discounted. I kinda do that with nail polish. It's very rare that I buy it without some sort of discount.

So I picked up Howl You Doing, Be Merry Be Bright, Bells Will Be Blinging, Glitz n Pieces, Elfin' Around & Vertical Rush from China Glaze and A Heart For Art and Be A Pal-ette from Finger Paints. I haven't had a chance to use them yet so I swatched them on my wheel for you.

The glitters all look exciting to me except Howl You Doing. I'm not sure about that one. It looks like a matte purple. It may take me a while to try that one. The others are ready to be party nails!

The other two China Glaze and the two Finger Paint colors are pearlescent colors and they all look so delightful! I cannot wait to wear these.

Do you catch the Sally Beauty sale? Do you have China Glaze and Finger Paints in your collection?

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