May 2, 2014

Bite Beauty Luminous Crème Lipstick Duo

First, let me go ahead and lay blame. This purchase is totally YouTube's fault. And I thank them profusely for it! I saw several people review it on their channels and when they swatched them, I knew these were colors for me.

My Sephora is one of those smaller ones inside the JC Pennys. I like my smaller Sephora because the ladies that work there are awesome. They are super helpful and aren't afraid to say, "Girl, that is not the color for you!". Anyway, my Sephora only had the Vivid lipstick duo. Vivid contains Palomino (vibrant magenta) on one end and Violet (vibrant purple) on the other. That duo is waaaay too dark for me. I tried on both ends (just to be fair) and I looked kinda cray cray so I decided to forgo that purchase. Folks that know me know that I like the nudes and softer browns, pinks, etc.

So one Saturday, I decided to take a trip to the "Big Sephora" and see if they had the Neutral duo that contains Lychee (light neutral pink) and Musk (pink brown). Of course they had it and I fell absolutely in love with it!

(Sidebar - the sales ladies at that store were not very helpful. They told me that they probably didn't have the color I was looking for if I didn't see it. It was only because a lady in line heard me and saw the small boxes by the register that I ended up with this goodie. This is why I'm not fond of the bigger stores in my area).

This little lipstick duo is powerful. Both colors are creamy and glide on your lips, no lip balm needed! The colors are nicely saturated and last a very long time. I really enjoyed this duo and it stays in my makeup bag most days. I have to applaud Bite Beauty for making these duos because now that I've tried this one, I am very likely to try the full size (Retsina, Pepper and Bouquet, I'm coming for you!!).

Have you tried the Bite Beauty lipstick duos? If you don't like one, you are almost guaranteed to like the other! And, whether the sales ladies are nice or not, you can swatch them and see what you think.

And then go order them online if you'd like.

That's what I'd do!

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