May 1, 2014

Revlon Colorstay Quads


It's May! Where did April go? It was our month of love, remember that? We were all happy and positive because it was my birthday month! Well, that was April. And now that it's May, I'm going to get down and dirty and review some of the things I didn't love so much. These are things that didn't make me quite as happy in April.

CVS had some Revlon Colorstay Quads that looked really pretty and of course, they were BOGO ½ price. I bought Decadent and Precocious. They both looked so nice in the pans.

And that was just about the only place.

The color payout is horrible. For the swatches, I had to rub my finger in the pan much harder than I normally would for a shadow. And as you can see, the swatches are chalky and full of fallout. I tried using a brush for these and had to pull out a sponge tip applicator to get anything on my eyes. I’m just not a fan.

It’s odd because sometimes their shadows are great and have great payoff. And then they come out with another collection that isn’t great and is a pain to wear. Which is really too bad because I had high hopes for these quads. I really wanted to like these. But I don’t. And I’m pretty sure I won’t buy another one.

Now don't get scared. Today's review was bad but not all of May will be. I'll keep it even or even more skewed towards positive.

But not today...

not with these!

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