Apr 1, 2014

Commentary - Happy Birthday Month

A cake from several years ago.
In the month of April I will write 2 blog posts that might have very little to do with makeup. The first one is this post let you know that April is my birth month and then on the 16th letting you know that it is my actual birthday.

Yes, I am one of those people. I celebrate ALL month. I treat myself with a little bit extra ALL month. I do the things that I want to do ALL month. I eat a little healthier and then have that piece of chocolate cake. I save my pennies all year and then buy that makeup palette. I go ahead and write in pink marker all month. I buy the expensive bubble bath and then take 2 baths on the random Saturday. You know why? Because if I don't pamper me, then who will?

Really, we should all go easy and pamper ourselves a bit more. I bet we are all people that work hard (at whatever you do) and treat everyone else really well and then when it's time for us, we're tired or too stressed or all the money is gone or some other excuse. Remember, the flight attendant always says put the oxygen mask on you first and then the others around you. If you are tired and run down or stressed, you can't take care of anyone that you need to, be that a spouse or child or parent or whomever. You have to take care of you! And because it's my birthday month, I'm telling you to do it! Take care of you! Because I said so and it's my birthday month damn it!!

Because you are you, I don't have to explain what pampering yourself means and what it doesn't. You are smart enough to know! You know not to do anything detrimental to your health, family, finances or others. What I will explain is what it means to me.

I am going to be nicer to me. I'm turning a big number. It's not a milestone number or anything, but it's a bigger number than I've ever been before. Wait a second...you'll get it...ok, now go ahead and laugh. Anyway, I'm going to be 42. Yep. And, I'm not afraid. Not one bit. I have earned every wrinkle, every laugh line (oh God, the laugh lines are worth it, aren't they?), every fat roll, every saggy thing. I am proud of them too. I embrace them.

Because it means I've lived.

And I've loved.

Both of them, hard.

And I'm happy with that. I'm happy with the results. No, it hasn't been perfect, but it's been fun and I thank God every day that He has given me the ability and the STRENGTH to get through it. Cause it has been hard, no doubt. But it's been worth it.

So, what are we going to see on this blog this month? Yep, some decadent goodies girls! I really have been saving up so that I can treat myself nicely! I'll take you on the trip but only if you promise to do several special things for yourself this month. If doesn't have to cost a lot of money -- it can be take a longer shower than normal (use that hot water!!) or paint your toes the prettiest color in your polish box or sleep in this Saturday. But, do something for yourself, something delicious.

It's my birthday gift to you.

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