May 12, 2014

Nail Polish Change - Revlon Electric Chrome in Spidey Sense, Wet n Wild in Candy-licious & Sweet Tooth

Hello World!

I have a two-fer for you this week. I changed polish mid-week. No real reason. I just wanted to see how the other polishes looked on my hand. So I'll be reviewing 3 pretty polishes this week.

The first polish I wore was Spidey Sense from the Revlon Electric Chrome/Spiderman Collection. Gorgeous! It's a beautiful goldy, crimson color. It's shimmery and pretty and perfect for the fall (Side bar - 75% of the polishes that I've purchased recently have been fall colors.  I'm ready, just you wait). The polish wore well and I didn't have any chips at all (only wore if for 4 days) but I don't like the bottle. It seems cheaply made. The cap is hard to unscrew and it feels like it might come apart. I don't know if it's just this bottle or the whole collection. I'll let you know.

After a night of treatment (Sephora Formula X Hydrate Nail Hydrator) I changed it up and used two of my many new Wet n Wild polishes in Candy-licious and Sweet Tooth (party nail!!). Do I have to say it? I think not. I love the colors. The formula is good, the brush is great and party nail rocks. It's the same tune I sing every time I wear the Wet n Wild polishes. My only complaint is that many of the colors are too dark for spring so I have to go my other stash for spring colors. But watch out! This summer promises to have spicy colors on my nails.

Don't worry. I've been picking up polish from a lot of the new summer 2014 lines. I will mix and match some new colors in there. Next week is a duo that I found at Family Dollar for just that...a dollar! If you want a sneak peek, keep looking on my Instagram page. I always do a nail of the day/nail of the week (among other things).

What are you wearing on your nails this week? Are you loving it or tossing it? Are the summer 2014 colors working for you? Let me know!!

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