May 13, 2014

Quickie Review - Chapstick Brand in Cake Batter & Fruit Punch

I think sometime you forget about the originals. I mean I can't even remember the last time I picked up a tube of Chapstick. Can you? I suspect for me it was probably over twenty years ago!

So many new things come out and we try them and forget about the old things. We have lip balms in the shape of eggs and in tins and infused with strawberry essence and slightly tinted... The list could go on forever! But, clearly, in my search for new lip balms, I have forgotten about one of the old time tried and trues. 

The scent "Cake Batter" stopped me in my tracks. With a name like that, wouldn't you stop? I was standing in the checkout lane when I saw it.  Could it possibly smell like cake batter? And right next to it was "Fruit Punch". Again with the deliciousness?  I grabbed them (paid for them) and brought them home. 

It still took me two weeks to open them! I had purchased 4 lipsticks in that time frame! I had tried a new Walgreens EOS dupe and a new Baby Lips flavor in that time frame. But, on my way out the door (to go shopping, of course), I grabbed Cake Batter. 

Yep, it smells like cake batter. Yep, it's all the things you forgot REAL  Chapstick was. I'm not talking about the cheapo reapo knockoff ones. I'm talking about Chapstick brand lip balm. It's soft, goes on smooth, and lasts a bit longer than it's cheaper counterparts. If you are thinking that it's waxy and hard on the lips then you are thinking about a knock off. Chapstick is like a deeply discounted baby lips or EOS balm. There's no color or tint but it moisturizes your lips very well. 

So, what great old product have you rediscovered? Is it as great as it use to be?

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