Apr 22, 2014

Quickie Review - Walgreens Lip Balm

I went to Walgreens (for makeup and half off Easter chocolate, of course) and I saw that they had their Walgreens Lip Balms with Vitamin E & Aloe on sale. I've mentioned that I'm not exactly in love with the EOS lip balms. They are in that awkward shape and usage causes a weird indentation in the product. I'm a plain "balm in a tube" kinda girl. That being said, my kiddo loves them. If she loves them, they get purchased (by/for her anyway). So, when I saw the Walgreens lip balms on sale, I decided to pick up 2 for the kiddo...and 2 for myself.

And, I was pleasantly surprised! I actually like the Walgreens lip balm better than the EOS balm!

The Walgreens balms came in watermelon and strawberry. I happen to have both of those EOS flavors. They all smell like the fruit they are supposed to smell like and the taste isn't terrible (They smell good people. You are BOUND to lick your lips a time or two).

The Walgreens balms came in the same egg shaped container but the product inside isn't a round ball. The top portion of the ball is flat (so not a ball at all). That's a little less weird to rub on your lips (a little less weird, not a lot). The formula appears to be slightly different too. I found the Walgreens balms to go on the lips more easily than the EOS balms. They also seem to last a bit longer and my lips felt more moisturized. Maybe the addition of vitamin E and aloe? I dunno.

If I had come across these first, my opinion of egg shaped lip gloss would have been different. I would have been willing to try out more flavors.

And now, I will!

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