Apr 25, 2014

Mally Beauty The Perfect Smokey Eye kit

A few weeks ago I purchased the Mally Beauty, The Perfect Smokey Eye kit at a nice discount with some added freebies thrown in.  I didn’t own any other Mally Beauty products so I thought, for $29 this is a great deal!  I can try a variety of products at one time.

I like Mally Roncal’s spunky personality on TV. She is lively and fun and always appears to be “on”. Her enthusiasm makes you want to try everything that she’s selling. So, when I saw this deal, I jumped on it. 

First, can I tell you how cute this makeup bag is?!  I love it. It’s big but not too big. It fits all that you need in a day. I immediately changed from the daily makeup bag I had been using, to this one. 

Inside was a plethora of goodies. There was a City Chick Smokey Eye compact, a Volumizing Mascara, Eyeliner Pencil and High Shine Liquid Lipstick in Gorgelina. I was stoked about all the fun-ness inside! I tried using a "full face" of Mally -- or at least what I had gotten in my bag. It creates a really nice, soft, natural face. You know I like that. As a total package, I liked it. Now, let’s get into the weeds. 

The palette itself is nice. It’s so sleek and smooth and looks pretty on my vanity. The 4 pans inside are nice as well. There is an eyeshadow base, crease color, lid color and brow color. The base is nice and I appreciate it but it’s not as tacky as I like. I do like that it’s creamy but because my eyelids are hooded, I can get creasing if my base is not a tacky cream base. The other 3 colors are nice but faaaaaar from smoky. Now, I am an NC42 in MAC so it’s probably not supposed to be smoky on darker skin. Fairer skin will probably get a good smoky eye. There isn’t any fall out and the eyeshadows go on well and last all work day. The colors are nice, but to use with other palettes or colors. I couldn’t create a look with just this palette. I needed to add a blending color. I wouldn't repurchase this particular palette but I would try other eye colors that she has.

I wore the mascara for several days and while it’s a really nice mascara, it’s not better than my holy grail, Jordana Best Lash mascara. There isn’t any smudging (I was scared that there might be because it seems to be a wet mascara) and it does great at adding color and some length to my lashes but I’m a volume girl and with the name ‘Volumizing Mascara’, I have high expectations. I will definitely keep and use this mascara but I wouldn’t buy it again.

The eyeliner is about the same – it’s nice but I have many others that are better. It took several swipes across the waterline to make color appear (but it went on smoothly each time) and it transferred to my eyelash line within 2 hours. I’ve mentioned before that that doesn’t bother me, but I would have liked more than 2 hours. I don't think I'd purchase it again. It seemed like a lot of work for not so much pay off.

The High Shine Liquid Lipstick in Gorgelina is nice and feminine. It’s a soft pink shimmer that looks really good on my lips. I wore it alone (on the day that I wore “all” Mally) but I like it over lipstick rather than alone. I just don’t feel like it kept my lips as moisturized as I like them but it wore well, right up until lunch without reapplication. At the $15 (on sale) price point, I’d like to take a look at other colors (something a bit darker – Orchid or Delish) and get a better idea of the liquid lipstick. I think it’s nice.

So overall, I liked this purchase. I think the products are just fine. But that’s what I think – they are just fine. I don’t think they are stand out for me. But, I only paid $29 for the lot and I honestly think I got a good deal.

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