Mar 16, 2014

International Envy - Face Masks

Last month I mentioned that I have a touch of International Envy (a big touch). They are so many great makeup lines here in the United States but I've discovered there are many more outside the US and I need to play with that makeup too! But, International Envy doesn't stop at makeup. No, no, my friends. I am envious of nail polish, skin care and ... face masks.

I've only been playing with face masks for a few months but I really like what they are doing for me. I mean, they may not be doing a thing but I feel pampered when I do it and my face feels nice when I'm done. And really, if a product makes you feel good, isn't it worth it?!

I decided to try weekly face masks when watching iluv faces1042 on YouTube do Mask Monday. I hadn't thought about it before but I realized that I should probably do more for my face, pamper it a little bit and watching this lady here -- if you aren't cracking up by the end of her pieces your laugh box must have been removed. She is awesome and when she gets with her daughter...well, that's another post. While she luvs faces, I luv watching her videos.

When I first began purchasing masks, I thought they were all the same. I thought they were all wet pieces of fabric that made your skin feel soft after 10 minutes. I quickly discovered that they are not all the same. Some masks are bad, some are great, some are made with fruit essences (and thusly break me out) and some are plant based. Some are for eyes, some are for the entire face, some are for hands and some are for feet (yep, I know!). They all have one thing in common though -- I'm a sucker for them all. I like masks now and I've found that there is a certain type I like better than the rest. The international ones.

The bulk of the masks I've tried are made in Korea or China and really, if you turn that packet over, you will probably see that 75% of your masks are international as well. The international masks seem to have a lot of natural ingredient bases. Yeah, I know. I've heard that you have to be careful with some international face products but there is something nice about applying a green tea essence or cucumber extract or lotus flower & ginseng mask. Lotus flower people! That can't be bad!

And, to be honest, the mask that broke me out was make in the USA so....

I have really enjoyed wearing masks. I haven't branched out to the pricer ones from Sephora or Ulta but I have scoured my local TJ Maxx and Marshals for face masks. I've found some good ones there and the drugstore but I tend to hit pay dirt at my local beauty supply stores. I've gotten to know several ladies at my beauty supply stores (when you visit 2 - 3 times a week they become your BFFs, and no, I'm not embarrassed!) and I asked them if they've tried certain masks. They point to the ones that they have used and those are the ones I go for. Yes, they could be lying, how would I know? But so far, they haven't steered me wrong.

And until they do, I'm going to indulge my mask International Envy to my hearts content.

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