Mar 9, 2014

Coupons, BOGO, Red Tags and Store Cash

I like getting the new stuff. I like having the new Spring collection of products as soon as they come out. I like being able to read a blog post and say, "Yep, I have the new blah blah blah too!". Getting in on the ground floor of a new product or being in the "in" crowd with a new face lotion or potion feels great. And, most of the time, to be in the "in" crowd you have to pay full price or a slightly discounted price for the new things. You might get a discount code or coupon but that's usually only a few dollars off. I always make sure that I have store dollars in conjunction with coupons and get the best deal I can but sometimes, I like to spend next to nothing for my deals.

That's when endcaps and red tags come in to play. You don't know how happy I get when I see a red tag! And if I have a coupon to add to that red tag...whoa baby!

Do you see that picture up there ↑? I paid $11.33 for the whole kit and caboodle. Yep, I know! This would have totaled $42.60. I paid about 27% of that. I used coupons, BOGO, red tag and store cash. I can't even begin to tell you the feeling you get when you save like that.

It does mean that the items I'm getting are from last season's collection or the item is being discontinued. Purchasing something that is "so 2 seasons ago" can make it difficult when want to review them and it waaaaay to late for your readers to go and pick them up. I try to make sure the reviews are for relevant items but sometimes your favorite nail polish color is one that was discontinued 30 years ago (well, I liked that pink!!). You try to keep those cases to a minimum and stay with the times.

And use the money that you saved with coupons, BOGO, red tags and store cash on the new, hot "in" crowd stuff!

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