Mar 8, 2014

Bienfait Teinté Beauty Balm Cream

I felt bad that yesterday I kinda bashed a Lancôme product. Well, I didn't really bash it, I just didn't love it. Today I'm going to praise a Lancôme product.

I spent a good bit of time testing BB Creams and I decided that a BB cream is just what I need under my powder foundations. I prefer a powder foundation to a liquid one so mixing a little BB Cream and moisturizer and slathering that on beforehand helps out a lot.

After testing a few BB Creams, I picked up Lancôme's Bienfait Teinté Beauty Balm Cream in #6 Caramel ($45/1.7 fl. oz). I use to love the Lancôme tinted moisturizer and the Bienfait Teinté Beauty Balm Cream reminded me of that. It is light and blends into my skin very well. I don't like heavy makeup (hence the powder foundation) so the fact that this is light as air is perfect. It doesn't cast a hue even though there is a SPF of 30. There's not really a smell and the color match is dead on. In the summer it may be a bit light but because it's going under my foundation, I don't think I'll need to get another color.

Yes, that's more BB Cream than I'd normally use. It was 6 am
You're lucky I could squeeze the tube at that time!

The only downside to this BB cream is the price point. It is a bit high, but you only need the smallest dab to apply to your face. And, if you do like I do some days, you can mix an even smaller dab with your regular moisturizer and make it last even longer. It's like the concealers that we hate to buy -- that little small pot or tube costs so much but it lasts so long.

I would definitely buy this product again. But, I think it might be quite a while before I have to.

I'll check back in and let you know when!

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